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Laminate Trim
Incizo 5 in 1


Quick Overview

Length: 84"
Width: .43"
Height: 1.85"
Material: Laminate

Trim pieces are only sold with a Quick-Step flooring purchase. If you order only a trim piece your order will be canceled.
***All trim pieces are ordered to coordinate with collection that is purchased, unless otherwise specified***

Sku # : QSX12Incizo
MULTIFUNCTIONAL MOLDING WITH INCIZO® TECHNOLOGY - With revolutionary INCIZO® technology, one molding easily transforms into different applications simply by using the cutting tool.

-Can cut profile into a T-molding, a Threshold, a Reducer, and an End Profile. -Easy to install and you always have the correct piece
-Less waste because you cut the profile to fit you specific needs
-No inconvenient seams in comparison with competitors’ existing multi-use profiles
-Color and surface textures coordinate beautifully with our floor designs
-Excellent wear and scratch-resistant surface
-Water-resistant glued MDF support
-Warranty is the same as your Quick-Step floor

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