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Simply Carpet

 Simply Carpet Tiles:  The Revolutionary, Do-It-Yourself Home Carpeting System 
Real Carpet & Pad Fused To A Special Designed Ultra Thin Interlocking Tray For Simple, Snap-Together Installation.

The look and feel of professionally installed wall-to-wall carpet. Watch the video below:

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See how easy it is to install Simply Carpet:

Simply Carpet is a revolutionary do-it yourself home carpeting system that looks and feels like professionally installed wall-to-wall carpet.

Width: 12"
Length: 12"
Height: 1.2" (30MM)
Pile Content: 100% Solution Dyed BCF Polyester
Installation Method: Snap-together floating
Treated for stain resistence


Easy Installation
There is no adhesive or special tools needed to install the Simply Carpet tiles. The 12?x12? tiles lock together and float.
The specially designed ultra thin interlocking tray is combined with a thick luxury pad and frieze carpet. Simply Carpet tiles are specially designed to reduce the visibility of seams between the tiles. The more you walk on and vacuum Simply Carpet the more the seams will disappear!

Follow The Arrows
Each tile is marked with arrows on the back to insure that you will have all of the tiles running in the same direction.

Move Furniture As You Go
With Simply Carpet there is no need to move all of the furniture out of the room. Just move your furniture to one side of the room. Install your new carpet tiles in the empty area then move your furniture to the newly carpeted area. Finish installing the carpet tile then rearrange your furniture. That’s it!

Create Area Rugs
Simply Carpet can also be used as an area rug. Simply connect the tile to make the correct size rug. The edges of your new rug can be finished with a transition piece or left unfinished.

Patent Pending
Technology Simply Carpet Tiles are designed with a special ultra thin interlocking tray system to create an easy to install wall-to-wall carpet system or area rug.


Simply Carpet is an easy Do-It-Yourself project. Follow the instructions below for a beautiful carpet installation.

Tools Needed

Utility Knife & Supply of Sharp Blades
Tape Measure
Safety Glasses

Jobsite Conditions
Simply carpet tile can be installed over plywood, concrete, vinyl, hardwood, tile or any surface that is structurally sound, clean, dry, and smooth. Concrete should be fully cured and dry before installation. Do not install over existing carpet. Simply Carpet is for indoor use only.

Subfloor variation should not exceed 1/8” in 6’.

Jobsite temperature should be between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The relative humidity should not exceed 65%. Maintain the temperature and humidity above for the life of the carpet tile.

Sweep or vacuum subfloor to remove any debris that will prevent the tiles from laying flat.

Determine the best place to start the installation. Start installation at one corner of the room.

Measure the width and length of the room to determine how square the room is and the width of the last row. If the width of the last row is less than 2”, cut the first row to increase the width of the last row.

Leave a minimum ¼” expansion space at the perimeter of the room

Mix the boxes together. Work from at least three boxes at a time mixing the tiles from various boxes. For best results use boxes from the same dye lot.

FOLLOW THE ARROWS. Every carpet tile has arrows on the back. Install the tiles with all arrows facing the same direction.

Lay the first two tiles flat on the floor, line up the tabs, and press together firmly until they snap together. Continue snapping together tiles until the room is complete.

To create a ¼” expansion space between the tiles and the wall cut off tabs by scoring the tabs with a utility knife and snapping them off.

Cut carpet tile from the bottom. Score the bottom of the carpet tile along one of the notched lines using a sharp utility knife. Then bend the carpet tile until the tray breaks. Using your knife proceed to carefully cut through the pad and carpet.

To install the last row cut the tile to the correct size leaving at least a ¼” gap between the tile and the wall. If necessary you can flex the tile and slightly lift the tile next to it so tabs will lock into place.

Furniture can be moved to one side of the room while carpet is installed on the other side. Move the furniture to the newly carpeted side once complete. Use care when moving furniture over carpet tiles. Never drag heavy objects over the floor.

If desired use baseboard or quarter-round molding to cover the expansion space at the walls.

If it is necessary to unlock carpet tile slide a small utility knife between 2 tiles and twist the knife until the tiles unlock. (Note: Carpet tiles are not designed to be repeatedly locked and unlocked. Doing so will break the tabs.)

Care & Maintenance
Vacuum your new carpet after installation and on a regular basis.

Clean up spills quickly by blotting (don’t rub) with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Before using any spot removal agent test it first in an inconspicuous area.

For deep cleaning use a dry cleaning method. We do not recommend hot water extraction.

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