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on select products over 400 sq ft
Purchase Paramount Hardwood at wholesale price directly from us.
Minimum Order: 200 sq ft (orders less than 200 sq ft will be canceled)

Please call and check availability before placing an order.

Canoe Bay Collection

Choice Collection

Estate Collection

Exotic Collection

Engineered Collection


FlooringMarket - Paramount Hardwood 

Paramount hardwood is available in five beautiful collections; Classic, Choice, Estate, Engineered, & Exotic Collections. 

The Classic Collection is full of wood species grown, harvested, and milled in North America; oak, maple, hickory, and walnut. These floors are smooth in texture and offer a 2 or 4-sided bevel.

The Choice Collection consists of birch, maple, and oak. Available in both smooth and wire-brushed textures, this flooring 

If you are looking for a more handcrafted look then the Estate Collection is for you. With hand-scraped, sculpted, and/or chiseled edges, this flooring will give the look and feel of long lasting character in both traditional and contemporary design schemes. 

The Engineered Collection is a strong addition to the Paramount hardwood line. Able to be installed on any level in your household. 

The Exotic Collection includes some of the most popular species of wood from around the world. Make a statement with this flooring, no matter what your budget it. All Paramount exotic products are Lacey Act compliant.
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